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Carrot Cake: flour, eggs, marzipan, flaked almonds, cream cheese, butter

Coffee & walnut Cake: flour, eggs, walnuts, cream cheese, butter

Chocolate & strawberry Cake: flour, eggs, chocolate, cream cheese, butter

Lemon drizzle Cake: flour, eggs

Torta caprese: Ground almonds, eggs, butter [ Gluten free ]

Lemon tart: Flour, butter, eggs, double cream

Bake well tart: Flour,ground almonds, eggs, butter

Pecan & maple tart: flour, eggs, butter, pecan nuts, maple syrup

Frangipani tart: flour, butter, eggs, ground almonds

Torta della nonna: flour, butter, eggs, ( Raisins ( sulphate ) ground almonds 

Tiramisu: flour, eggs, double cream, cream cheese

Créme de patisserie: flour, eggs, milk, butter ( may contain nuts ) pistachios, walnuts, almonds, ( may contain raisins ( sulphate )

Variety of parfait’s: flour, eggs, double cream, butter, ( may contain traces of soya)

Swiss chocolate roll: flour, eggs, butter, double cream

Baked Amaretto cheese cake: eggs, butter, flour, double cream, almonds, raisins ( sulphate)

Banana loaf: flour, eggs, 

brownies: flour, eggs, butter,

Rocky road: flour, raisins, eggs, butter

Almond disc: Flaked almonds

Tiffin: flour, butter, eggs Raisins ( sulphate )

Flapjacks: butter, oats,  ( Cyereals )

Gronola bar:/ Nuts, raisins, butter ( sulphate )

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Main menu:

Gluten free bread available.

Fruit scones: flour, eggs, butter, milk, raisins ( sulphate )

Cheese scones: flour, eggs, butter, cheese, milk, black pepper

All day breakfast: flour, eggs, milk

Vegetarian breakfast: flour, eggs, milk

Omelette: eggs 

White bread: wheat flour

Brown bread: wheat flour

Brioche bun: wheat flour, eggs, milk 

Ciabatta: wheat flour 

Eggs Benedict: wheat flour, eggs, butter

Eggs Florentine: wheat flour, eggs, butter

Eggs Royale: wheat flour, eggs, butter

Eggs Miners: wheat flour, eggs, butter

Pancakes: wheat flour, buttermilk, soya 

Houmous: sesame seeds 

Ham & mustard: cereal’s containing gluten, mustard, mayonnaise, eggs 

Soups:  ( sulphate in vegetable stock cubes) suitable for vegetarians & vegans 

Sausage:  ( pork & leek ) cereal’s containing gluten, butter 

Black Pudding:  ( wheat flour ) containing gluten, butter 

Egg mayonnaise: eggs, wheat, butter 

Tuna mayonnaise: eggs, fish, wheat, butter 

Smoked Salmon & cream cheese: fish, cream cheese, wheat, butter 

Caesar Salad: eggs, wheat, milk, soya, fish, Parmesan cheese

Chicken burger: eggs, milk, butter, wheat, ( mustard in chutney )

Beef burger: eggs, milk, butter, wheat, ( mustard in chutney )

Vegetarian burger: eggs, milk, butter, wheat, ( mustard in chutney )

Breakfast club: eggs, wheat

Eden’s club: eggs, wheat

Vegetarian club: eggs, wheat

Bacon sandwich: wheat

Sausage sandwich: wheat

Pesto chicken: eggs, wheat, milk, pine nuts, cashew nuts, vegetarian parmesan cheese

Chicken, bacon & avocado: eggs, wheat

Cajun chicken: eggs, wheat

Ham, Brie & Canberry: wheat, Brie cheese

Mozzarella cheese sandwich:  wheat, mozzarella cheese, pesto sauce ( milk, pine nuts, cashew nuts, vegetarian parmesan cheese)

B.L.T : eggs, wheat

Ham, cheese & coleslaw: eggs, wheat